Eglise Notre Dame – Notre Dame Church

Rue de la Paix
62100 Calais

This 13th century church looks a little rundown but is noteworthy for this is not only the oldest monument in Calais, but this is also where Captain Charles de Gaulle married a young Calaisian women called Yvonne Vendroux in 1921.

Architecturally speaking it does seem a little odd looking. Construction was started in thirteenth century by Flemish masons and architects but was still being constructed in the fourteenth century during the English occupation. At this time English architects took over giving it an interesting Flemish/Gothic look. It is now acclaimed as the only English styled church in France.

It took around a hundred years to complete and in 1691 it was tinkered with again when Vauban, the most distinguished military engineer of the time built a large cistern on the north side to collect rainwater for drinking purposes in case of a siege.

The church was severely damaged in World War II and renovations are still, slowly, ongoing.