Bakery and Patisserie

To find cakes and artisanal, floury bread, make your way to a boulangerie (a bakery) or patisserie (cake shop). Both these types of shops will rise to the occasion and tend to sell both bread and cakes and sometimes have a quaint tea room attached. Try the Pain aux Noix, an outstanding bread baked with walnuts on the inside and the crust.

One thing to note though is that as tasty as the French baguette is, it is not suitable to be brought home. In France, the baguettes are baked twice a a day and is meant to be eaten straight away since it spoils in just a few hours.

Jean-Luc Maerel

18 Rue Champailler
62100 Calais
Tel: 00 33 (0)3 21 36 56 52


Boulevard Jacquard
62100 Calais
(Located just by the town hall)