Christophe Noyon Brasseur

Ferme de Belle Dalls
62179 Tardinghen
Tel: 00 33 (0)321 10 56 53
Open: Friday and Saturday 10am to 7pm. Call if you want to pop on on any other day. In July and August, open every day except Sunday mornings and Mondays.
Guided Tours: 4 euros per person available in July and August only

If you are in the market for some hand-crafted beer, this micro brewery could be just the ticket. This brewery, known as Brasserie artisanale des 2 Caps, is run by Christophe Noyon and his wife and is easy to find in the small village of Tardinghem just off the D940 coastal road in between Calais and Boulogne by Cap Gris Nez and Cap Blanc Nez.

Christophe learned his trade in Belgium where he studied to become a Master Brewer. He then worked in Belgium plying his trade until he felt ready to return to France in 2001. By 2003 he had bought this working farm and by 2004 turned it into a working brewery.

Christophe brews just 4 beers and these are widely sought after by the hypermarkets, restaurants and cheese shops in Northern France. He also supplies Le Grande Epicierie in Paris (think Harrods) and even some restaurants in the UK. There is a greater demand for his beers but Christophe has refused to expand his operation prefering to take a step by step approach to expansion. In the meantime though, if you are in the area and you love beer do pop by and savour his hoppy nectar.

The four beers:

La 2 Caps
Probably the most famous of his beers this is a Real Blond Ale made from pure malt. Drink it on its own to with mussels and chips, herrings, pultry and stews.

La Blanche de Wissant
This is an very easy to drink beer, perhaps a little light for some, but yet remarkably refreshing. It is brewed with soft winter weaht and malted barley. It is idea for summer drinking or with fish, shriimps, crabs and seafood in general.

Le Noire de Lack
A black beer made with roasted barley and is perfect on its own or with smoked fish, oysters and deli meats.

La Belle Dalle
A blond ale ideally suited to be drunk on its own or with cheese.